Video Recruitment – not just for graduates

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Lights, camera, action… automated video interviewing is now becoming a growing trend as a convenient, user-friendly way to recruit potential employees, according to this article. Jonathan Flint, joint managing director of recruitment specialist HMNI predicts that video accompaniment will be an essential part of applying for a job in 2014. “While the technology for video applications has been in place for some time, only now are candidates taking full advantage of this option, which in turn has given recruiters a real appetite for innovative applications”, he says.

Job-seekers appear to agree, with recent research revealing that 74% of job seekers no longer deem a traditional CV alone as an effective tool to securing a new job. There is also the bonus of not having to contend with travel disruption, and potential recruits can record their interview at their own convenience. They can even use their smart phone!

As this article concurs, video interviewing allows candidates to showcase their true communication skills and personality traits. It also means that larger businesses, such as Marks & Spencer and John Lewis, who have embraced video recruitment, and are inundated with huge numbers of CVs for each job vacancy are able to differentiate more effectively between candidates. The bottom line is that, according to John Dixon, M&S’s executive director of general merchandise, video is on course to transform recruitment.

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