The Future of HR eBook

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HR management moves as fast as the industries it underpins. In a practice so dynamic, predicting its future can be particularly challenging. Which is why we’ve turned to some of the best in the business to look forwards and share their perspectives.

We enlisted the help of several senior HR leaders with global responsibility, to offer their insights and predications on the future of HR, and packaged it together in a simple, easy to read e-book for you.

Hear what the likes of GE, Opel Group, Maersk Line, Hitachi and Al-Futtaim contribute and share their views on:

  • the current trends in HR
  • the future diversification and specialisation of HR management
  • adapting to the evolving and changing business structure’s
  • the rapid pace of cultural, business and technological changes
  • serving generation Y
  • future of the workforce and future of the workplace

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I’m sure you’ll find this a really insightful and interesting read which provides you with some insightful predication’s

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