Global Employee Engagement and Employer Branding – the Holy Grail or wholly achievable…?

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I’ve recently been speaking to HRDs in global remits, and noticing a prevalent theme emerging: the need for a consistent global approach to employee engagement and employer branding initiatives that can also account for differing variables in the business (such as demographics, regional markets, cultures and competencies).
Now, this may seem glaringly obvious, but for many of you out there, to hear from and learn techniques from one of these companies who have implemented such initiatives, seems to be on par with the quest for The Holy Grail.

One size certainly doesn’t fit all. We know that. But why is this ‘golden chalice’ so elusive? And how do we go about achieving it?

I wonder if it is because the challenge of delivering a global programme, whilst retaining an SME or entrepreneurial mentality, can only be achieved via a myriad approach, which is not only costly, but also time consuming and therefore deemed not an option?

In the long term, the blanket approach to employee engagement or employer branding strategy won’t have much weight in ensuring sustainable competitive advantage. Is it not our differences that also equate to our strengths and therefore need to embraced and utilised?

Perhaps organisations are failing to achieve global consistency, because HR departments are not bringing together communications and marketing with HR, to ensure there is alignment between your EB strategy and Consumer Brand for example.

My endeavours in recent weeks to connect with organisations who have achieved a global EE or EB strategy, indeed hasn’t come to fruition… yet. Watch this space!

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