The three Cs of customer satisfaction: Consistency, consistency, consistency

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Consistency: is it at the top of your management agenda? According to McKinsey & Co, consistency is the secret ingredient to making your customers happy. But consistency in business isn’t always easy and it requires the focus of your top tier leaders, to be effective. This article details the research which shows the 3 keys to consistency:1) Customer-journey consistency 2) …

A More Powerful Leadership Structure for Effecting Change

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Why are we witnessing deficiencies in our leaders when it comes to having the required skills and the ability to engage their people? A recent CEB survey reveals that to enhance leadership competencies, new organisational structures are a must – in creating a network which gives your leaders the ability and capacity to thrive and have strategic vision. Read more …

How to Increase Productivity, Motivation and Engagement From Your Top Employees

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The rules and processes which govern large and complex organisations are impeding employee engagement and morale. Despite the best communications technologies, and effective management and leadership training programmes, how can you simplify your processes to empower your people and enable them to own their work? TED speaker & BCG Partner and MD, Yves Morieux explains more..… Read More Source:


How to Get Your Employees to Think Strategically

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Research from senior executive suggests strategic thinking over other attributes is the most important leadership skills for business success. Read more to find out how to leaders can instil this strategic thinking throughout the company. Read More: Source:


‘Friends of the Firm Referrals’ – Expand Referrals to Non-Employees

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Discover all about this emerging recruitment trend which takes the already successful initiative of employee referrals one step further. From expanding your talent community to increasing quality and reducing speed and costs; what is the impact of such a programme and how do you go about implementing it? Read this article to find out more … Read More: Source: …


Gary Cooper: Flexible working should be open to everyone

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Compelling research into the organisational psychology of remote working shows positive impact on engagement and a better work-life balance. But among which workers does flexible working become more challenging and why are some firms against the initiative? … Read More: Source: hrmagazine


How Netflix Reinvented HR

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Neither a cat playing the piano, nor a top grossing mobile game, this time to go viral is a slide share by Netflix’s CEO and Chief Talent Officer outlining the behavioural values and skills at the very heart of the organisation which have shaped their culture of excellence. Take a look for yourselves right here … Read More: Source: …