Q&A with Bernard Coulaty , Vice-President Human Resources Pernod Ricard Asia

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You recently published the book ‘New Deal of Employee Engagement: A Sustainable Body-and-Mind Engagement Model’. What motivated you to write the book now and what is the key novelty you are proposing in your work? All along my professional HR practice in multiple contexts I always felt the power of engagement or disengagement was far superior to any other HR …


Q&A with Stephen Pierce, Chief Human Resources Officer, Hitachi Europe

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With a global staff base of 320000; what are the challenges in achieving a homogenous company culture in Hitachi? That’s a great question! Hitachi is a complex organisation with 900 companies globally. In Europe we have around 12,000 staff across 100 companies in sectors as varied as trains to nuclear power; data systems to construction machinery; financial services to consulting. …

Gamification in everything: The Range And When And Why It’s So Effective

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#2 Gamification Gurus Leaderboard.   The impact of gamification on society, work, careers and human behaviour Ranked #2 in the world of leading gamification gurus, and described as THE evangelist of gamification, Roman will be keynoting at HR Vision 19-20 November in London. He will astound you with his ideas on how the human species have survived thanks to game-like …

Adobe Checks-In with Performance Conversations

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We’re lucky to have Sally Darvill Croxford, Head of People Resources for EMEA come and share their journey at HR Vision in November.   She will be talking about the technology industry’s effect on HR innovation and transformation as a direct impact of their transformed business model. Below is a snapshot of Sally’s presentation: The Technology Industry’s Effect on HR …

The 6 Types of CEO

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You can find out at HR Vision which type of CEO Phil Couchman is – CEO of DHL Express UK & Ireland.   A champion of customer service excellence, Phil has been fundamental in driving a culture of respect and results, starting with the belief that customer satisfaction, loyalty and business growth is a direct result of a highly motivated …


A bit of blue-sky thinking could create a more streamlined HR

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At a recent HR conference, business software provider SAP’s head of Cloud for HR, Mike Ettling was quoted as saying “HR has the least standardised back office function in an organisation. Processes are very disparate, highly unstandardised. Organisations are saying, we can’t afford this any more…” Whether you agree with this or not, there is increasing evidence that advantages can …


Know Yourself. Face Your Fear. Follow Your Heart.

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The power of hindsight is a wonderful thing… Or a useless tool, depending on what school of thought you fall into. One thing is for sure; at some point in our lifetime we’ll look back and think about what might have been. This thoughtful article helps you to minimise those regretful moments with a few key pointers, like observing people. …

Engagement through words and pictures

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Christine Rolka, head of internal communications with The Camelot Group, gives a candid account of how the right words and the right pictures can really make a difference to your corporate communication What? When did that happen? Nobody told me. How many times have you put out a communication to your employees only to hear someone muttering a day or …