Q&A with Bernard Coulaty , Vice-President Human Resources Pernod Ricard Asia

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You recently published the book ‘New Deal of Employee Engagement: A Sustainable Body-and-Mind Engagement Model’. What motivated you to write the book now and what is the key novelty you are proposing in your work? All along my professional HR practice in multiple contexts I always felt the power of engagement or disengagement was far superior to any other HR …


Q&A with Stephen Pierce, Chief Human Resources Officer, Hitachi Europe

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With a global staff base of 320000; what are the challenges in achieving a homogenous company culture in Hitachi? That’s a great question! Hitachi is a complex organisation with 900 companies globally. In Europe we have around 12,000 staff across 100 companies in sectors as varied as trains to nuclear power; data systems to construction machinery; financial services to consulting. …

emotional impact of change

How to minimise the emotional impact of change

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Any significant change at work is going to have an effect as far as departments and individual employees are concerned. The emotional impact of change is often characterised as negative in tone – after all, if it’s positive then there’s no problem to be dealt with. Negative emotions can stem from concerns about competence in new techniques; worries about new …


The Future of HR eBook

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HR management moves as fast as the industries it underpins. In a practice so dynamic, predicting its future can be particularly challenging. Which is why we’ve turned to some of the best in the business to look forwards and share their perspectives. We enlisted the help of several senior HR leaders with global responsibility, to offer their insights and predications …

History of HR

History of HR e-book: Understanding HR today; Understanding HR’s past

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Have you ever stopped to wonder when the discipline of HR first started? Do you even know? Human resources are an asset as old as the concept of employment. They are, of course, the people that make a business, defining both its culture and its evolution. And yet the concept of human resource management – which is what most are referring to when they talk of …


Amsterdam in June for your dose of inspiration

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No winter is forever; no spring skips its turn. And just like spring, conference season is in full bloom with more of your peers joining us for the return of HR Vision. Due to the phenomenal response we had last year, we’re thrilled to come back to the beautiful, cultural capital of the Netherlands – Amsterdam. And in case you’re …


Building external trust by engaging employees

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At Edelman, we take great pride in the work we’re often asked to do to help clients build, protect and at times even restore trust among external audiences. Among our core beliefs is that such trust starts on the inside. An often-overlooked fact is that a company’s internal audiences – its employees – hold the keys to influencing external reputation, …


Q&A with Ben Matthews, Head of Strategic Communications, eBay

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Ben Matthews, leads the strategic communications across Europe for eBay. Looking after the long term planning and measurement across pan- European internal and external communications. During his time at eBay he has implemented and executed ideas from other disciplines and applied them to new areas, such as using marketing stakeholder maps and audience segmentation and applying them to eBay’s employee …